5 Reasons Why Cupcake Is Better Than A Cake!

Cupcakes are the sinful desserts that are a quick relief from your sweet cravings; they are small and sweet and will make you cherish all the sweet little things in life! A cupcake is a cute little version of a cake, that is less messy and enough to satisfy you. The war between cakes and cupcakes has been going on for a long time, and we are on the cupcake’s side. Have a glance and choose for yourself!

1. Small Portions On d Go
It is a boon for mankind! The small size gives an edge as they can be relished easily on the go. Just grab a piece and keep doing what you were doing!

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2. Quick Fix
Do you have a sweet tooth? You feel the cravings going out of your hand? This is a perfect quick-fix. You can grab one and say good bye to your cravings. That hankering sensation will reside in no time! It is small and efficient plus it will give you a blast of sweetness to your taste buds! Yay!


3. Nothing goes to waste…fresh always!
Do you order a full fledged cake and struggle to finish more than half of it? Cupcakes solves your problems, its customized, its one for every person and it never goes to waste 🙂


4. More Variety
Good news for variety lovers! The small size will give you a benefit to play with the flavors; you can choose different flavors and have them as you please. You can have as many as you like. There’s more! A whole array of flavors to choose from be it chocolate, Oreo, red velvet and what not!

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5. Diet Friendly
A small cupcake once in a while will satiate your itch for sweet for sometimes. It is small and won’t mess with your diet, provided you limit yourself to one. Cupcakes have lesser calories than a slice of cake. Enjoy! And thank us later!

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Credit – http://goodtimes.ndtv.com/

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